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At Black’s, we know that poor suspension can lead to damage to your vehicle and an uncomfortable, rough ride.

There are many different types of leaf springs. It’s imperative that you know what to look for in a quality spring from Black’s Spring & Alignment. A well-manufactured spring will provide a higher return on investment and lower your chances of unexpected downtime.

A single-leaf spring is differentiated by its design. It’s typically smooth in the middle and has a tapered outer end.

The leaves should be accurately aligned both vertically and laterally.

There should be no extreme gaps on a multi-leaf spring between the leaves and no extreme scaling on the top leaf. Primarily used for hauling heaving loads, the multi-leaf spring must provide ample support for managing loads of all sizes.

The eye bushings should be checked for roundness. You can identify an inaccurately manufactured bushing if it has an elliptical shape.

Each leaf should be manufactured to uphold the carrying desired weight ratios. This also goes for leaves of the same  thickness in which case, each step must be proportional.

In some applications to prevent leaves from shackling in the hanger or shackle, the end of the plate is cut at an angle to fit at the end of the plate and the leaf spring.